Bevex coated python - BS476

BevEx introduces the new ‘ENERGY PLUS’ python for optimum energy efficiency and the new Class 0 Coated python.

At the recent Brau Beviale exhibition in Nuremberg (November 10th-12th) BevEx launched new python and tubing products, among which were their ENERGY PLUS PYTHON and COATED PYTHON.

ENERGY PLUS PYTHON - We can do better!

BevEx Energy Plus pythons are designed to offer improved energy efficiency which achieves savings in energy consumption and reduced heat gain on the dispense system. Reduced energy consumption results in greater reliability of the system and better consistency of beverage temperature, taste and appearance.

Since energy costs for cooling are a significant part of the overall dispense cost, and the python represents the highest heat gain source in dispense systems, the new Energy Plus python offers the following advantages:

  • 39% more efficiency than a standard python
  • Significant reduction in heat gain per metre
  • Reduced loading on the cooler
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved efficiency of the dispense system
  • Optimum drink quality

Energy Plus Python data chart

The chart data was collected using the Smartcellar intelligent telemetry platform. All data was taken from a typical 30m length python installation using standard cooling equipment. Annual CO2 emissions are based on carbon per unit of grid electricity @ 0.544 KgCO2e.

The Energy Plus python is available with insulation foam wall thicknesses of 19mm, 25mm and 32mm.

BEVEX COATED PYTHON - BS476 Class 0 Fire Performance!

BevEx Coated Pythons are designed specifically to meet the combined performance requirements of durability, fire performance and flexibility.


  • BS476 Class 0 performance on the COATING
  • Tough and durable protective jacket
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Suitable for demanding environments – excellent physical properties


  • Available in black or white colour options
  • Designed to meet all situations where a product with high performance is required
  • Designed to maintain consistent temperature between drink storage and dispense point
  • UV resistant option available
  • Newly developed flexible tube

The Coated python is available with insulation foam wall thicknesses of 19mm, 25mm and 32mm.

* Standard python = FBI specification PVC taped python with 13mm wall thickness insulation foam installed within the last five years; BevEx premium python = FBI specification PVC taped python with 19mm; Energy Plus python = python with foil wrapped tubing bundle, foil taped outer finish and 19mm high density insulation foam.

For more information please download our PDFs:

Bevex Coated Python

Bevex Energy Plus Python

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